Dogs CBD OilAs you look down at your dog, whether she’s small and gentle or large and rambunctious, you know you’ll do everything you can to secure her health and well-being. Dogs are part of the family, and understanding what’s best for them is one of the first steps in being a good pet parent. Prescription medications and invasive medical procedures have their uses and benefits, but whenever possible, you want to choose safe and all-natural methods of promoting your dog’s health.

CBD oil for dogs is the all-natural supplement that’s taking the health industry by storm. Holistic vets recommend CBD oil for a long list of health concerns, and it’s opening doors in veterinary care most pet parents didn’t even know existed. If you’re concerned about your dog’s overall health or want to learn more about safe alternatives to pharmaceuticals, check out these top facts about CBD oil for dogs.

  1. It Eases Anxiety

Whether your dog dives under the bed at every clap of thunder or feels anxious whenever she’s left alone, her emotions are caused by an imbalance of hormones. These chemicals make her feel tense, afraid, and downright uncomfortable. By administering CBD oil before or during a stressful experience, you enable your dog’s body to correct that chemical imbalance. CBD triggers the release of calming agents and chemicals that counteract the stress hormones that make her feel miserable. CBD oil for dogs is often used to help with separation anxiety, noise phobias, and general stress.

  1. CBD Oil Relieves Chronic Joint Pain

Chronic joint pain is a serious condition that can keep even the most fetch-happy pup down for the count. It happens when cartilage in the joints wears thin and bones are left to grind and bump against each other. Inflammation leads to serious pain, and simple movements like standing, walking, and climbing stairs can be unbearable. Conventional treatments typically include some form of anti-inflammatory medication, but those come with serious side effects like depression and kidney failure. Many holistic veterinarians prefer CBD oil for dogs with chronic joint pain. CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory agent that targets joints and relieves pain.

  1. It Can Reduce Seizures in Dogs with Epilepsy

New research from Colorado State University’s James L. Voss Veterinary Teaching Hospital shows promising evidence that CBD oil is an effective treatment for dogs with medication-resistant epilepsy. Dr. Stephanie McGrath led the study, and results show 89 percent of dogs that received CBD oil had a reduction in the frequency of seizures. All the participating dogs had previously been treated with conventional anticonvulsants and were having at least two seizures a month. Dr. McGrath’s research reveals while there are still many questions related to CBD oil for dogs, it may soon be a widespread alternative for dogs struggling to cope with epilepsy.

  1. CBD Improves Bowel Disease

Inflammatory bowel disease often thought of as a singular disease, is actually a number of gastrointestinal diseases causing inflammation in the stomach and intestines. It inhibits the absorption and digestion of food and leads to side effects like vomiting, diarrhea, and stomach pain. CBD oil for dogs works to relieve these symptoms by stopping and preventing inflammation. With no inflammation, side effects disappear and dogs return to their normal hungry selves.

  1. Evidence Suggests it Shrinks Tumors

One of the most exciting developments coming from CBD research is the potential to shrink tumors and fight cancer. There is still a lot to learn, but studies show CBD can promote tumor cell death and efficiently starves cancer cells by preventing them from producing energy. There’s also evidence CBD oil can increase the efficacy of traditional cancer treatments. The only studies on CBD oil related to cancer treatment have so far been on humans, but testimonies from pet owners show dogs might also benefit from these cancer-fighting qualities of CBD oil. Dogs Naturally tell of a senior Staffordshire Terrier with a mammary tumor. After starting CBD oil, the tumor disappeared in three months. It’s important to remember, however, CBD oil is not a cure for cancer, and more research is still needed.

  1. CBD Oil is Prescribed for Nausea

Another way CBD oil for dogs helps with cancer treatment is by controlling nausea caused by chemotherapy. While chemo is often the only viable treatment option for dogs with cancer, the side effects can be devastating. Nausea can stop a dog from eating for days at a time. CBD oil is often prescribed for dogs experiencing extreme nausea to help them better cope with the effects of chemotherapy and other medications. It’s also recommended for dogs experiencing nausea related to other issues besides medications.

  1. CBD Improves Appetite

Without nausea getting in the way, dogs going through chemotherapy get their appetites back. Not feeling hungry is a common side effect of cancer and can make the disease worse. Not only does not eating cause a dog to lose weight, the lack of nutrition further weakens the body making it harder to fight off cancer cells. Dogs need all the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients they can get to kick cancer out of their bodies. Holistic vets often recommend CBD oil for dogs that feel too sick to eat or suddenly turn their noses up to their favorite foods.

  1. It Protects the Nervous System

Recent research on how CBD oil interacts with the brain has veterinary scientists optimistic it may also be good for dogs suffering from certain nerve issues. Specifically, research suggests CBD oil for dogs may soon be a treatment option for canines with degenerative myelopathy. This progressive disease causes symptoms including loss of coordination and incontinence. In time, it often leads to complete loss of movement in the limbs. Initial research shows CBD oil might protect nerve cells from toxicity caused by free radicals and in turn help the bodyguard against these types of neurodegenerative diseases.

  1. It Promotes Heart Health

According to Pet Health Network, about 10% of dogs in the U.S. have heart disease. Symptoms range from barely-detectable heart murmurs to extreme fatigue, difficulty breathing, coughing, and sudden heart failure. As with humans, it’s a serious concern and can pop up unexpectedly no matter the dog’s age or fitness. Studies linking CBD oil to cardiovascular health show dogs may benefit from taking CBD oil as a preventative measure. Evidence shows CBD oil can protect blood vessels from damage while also reducing heart rate and blood pressure.

  1. CBD is Non-Psychoactive

One of the biggest concerns with CBD oil for dogs is the fact CBD is extracted from cannabis. People automatically think of the psychoactive properties of marijuana and instinctively know that won’t be good for their dogs. The truth is, they’re right. Marijuana should never be given to dogs. It contains a compound called THC that’s responsible for making humans high. It can be toxic to pets and cause them unnecessary confusion and stress. It’s important to note, however, that CBD is not marijuana or THC. Unlike THC, CBD cannot make you, or your dog, high. Quality CBD oil contains only trace amounts of THC and is completely non-psychoactive.

  1. It’s Legal in All 50 States

Another concern about CBD oil for dogs is its legality. With U.S. cannabis laws changing state to state, it’s hard to keep up with what’s allowed and what isn’t. Only a handful of states have completely legalized recreational cannabis, but many more allow the use of medical cannabis with specific permissions. The good thing about CBD oil for dogs is that you don’t need to be an expert in cannabis law to know you’re in the clear. When CBD oil is extracted from hemp (another form of cannabis that does not contain THC), it is completely legal. It can be legally purchased and administered in all 50 states.

  1. CBD Oil for Dogs is Best When It’s Organic

Not all CBD oil should be treated equally. Before you purchase a product for your dog, it’s important to find a manufacturer that is trusted and committed to quality. Find a brand that is 100% organic and made especially for dogs. If it doesn’t say organic, you run the risk of it containing harmful toxins like pesticides, fungicides, and solvents. Organic CBD oil for dogs is your best option for protecting your dog and promoting her overall well-being.

  1. It Comes in Multiple Forms

There are multiple ways to administer CBD oil to your dog. The first is as a tincture. With this method, the CBD oil is in liquid form, and you adjust the dose drop by drop. You can drip the oil onto your dog’s food or put it directly in her mouth. Another alternative is to buy CBD oil dog treats. Organic CBD Biscuits from Naked Dog Bistro are peanut butter and bacon flavored so even the pickiest eaters love getting their daily dose of CBD.

  1. Side Effects are Rare and Minor

Unlike conventional medications used to treat the same conditions, CBD oil for dogs is not linked to serious side effects. There’s still a lot to learn, but known side effects are limited to minor instances of dry mouth and drowsiness. In most cases, these issues are remedied by adjusting the dose.

  1. It’s Used to Promote Overall Well-Being

Most pet parents turn to CBD oil for dogs faced with specific health concerns. Joint pain, anxiety, seizures—CBD targets these issues and can bring noticeable relief. It can also, however, be used to promote overall health even without the presence of disease. Healthy dogs take regular doses of CBD oil to maintain their well-being and help guard against future health issues.

Now that you know more about CBD oil for dogs, talk to a holistic vet about introducing it to your furry family members.

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