A hungry jack russell terrier puppy eating organic food for dogs in the grass

Forty years ago, no one thought much about the quality of dog food. They dumped it into a bowl and served it. Fast-forward a few decades, and we’ve become a lot smarter about what we eat and what we serve to our furry companions. The stores are packed with dog food options, but we highly recommend opting for organic food for dogs, and here’s why.

1. Organic Foods = No Pesticides

While there’s no getting around the fact that pesticides have helped American farmers produce a ton of food, these chemicals can be harmful to humans and their animal friends.

Of course, you’ll hear all the time that pesticides are at safe levels for humans, but dogs are usually smaller than most human adults and dogs tend to have higher exposure to pesticides in general. As they scamper around the park or neighborhood or even perhaps in your yard, they can become exposed to pesticides used to keep grasses and plants bug-free. When you opt for organic food for dogs, you eliminate one potential source of pesticides from your dog’s life.

We also highly recommend that you provide your dog with filtered water rather than tap water. In general, tap water won’t harm your pet; however, there are a few studies that show a link between tap water and urinary issues in dogs. This seems especially true if your tap water is classified as hard water, which it is in many parts of California. If you have a refrigerator filter or perhaps another type of water filter, consider providing your dog with water from this source instead of straight from the tap.

It’s also wise to give your dog’s paws a thorough wipe before you bring them back into your home after a trip to the park or even a romp in the backyard. You can wipe away some pesticide residue as well as allergens such as pollen. And, your dog will bring less dirt into the house, which makes cleaning easier.

2. Organic Food Usually Ensures Higher Quality

While there are non-organic pet food companies that are committed to providing a safe, nutritious product for your dog, in general, you will find that companies that produce organic foods tend to be higher quality in general. If a company is trying to eliminate pesticides and use more natural methods, this speaks to their commitment to providing customers with an excellent, healthier product.

Of course, you should still read the label before you purchase any organic food for dogs. Food could be labeled organic and still contain ingredients that could be harmful to your dog. The food still might contain ingredients such as corn syrup or dyes or artificial preservatives. Take a look at the ingredients and if you can’t pronounce most of them, skip that brand and move on to something else, we have plenty of options, so it’s usually not difficult to find a natural, organic food for your dogs.

3. Fresh & Organic Provides Optimum Health Benefits

These days, you hear a lot about fresh dog food. One of the perks of fresh organic food for dogs is that you literally can see the ingredients and you know precisely what the food contains.

Kibble, even organic kibble, is a big mystery and it’s often so over-processed that your dog isn’t receiving the nutritional support that you get from fresh whole foods. From our own experience, fresh organic food can be life-changing for a dog. Our sweet boy, Kona, was found to be gluten-intolerant and found that a fresh diet completely changed the quality of his life.

That’s really where our story began. Once we saw the benefits of fresh organic food for our dogs, we wanted to share this with others. We created our own line of natural, wholesome organic food for dogs.

Our Organic Food For Dogs

Our small-batch fresh dog food is always gluten-free and grain-free and filled with the finest fresh ingredients. Each recipe has been designed with health and flavor in mind. For instance, with our Irish Lamb Stew, we use succulent ground lamb, shredded Yukon potatoes, crisp celery and crunchy carrots with a generous sprinkling of rosemary for flavor.

Dogs love people food, and with Naked Dog Bistro, they get to enjoy human food without all the salts and flavorings that aren’t good for them. If you have a picky eater who turns up his snout at kibble, consider trying a few varieties of our fresh food. We’ve transformed the pickiest eaters into dogs that can’t wait for suppertime.

More importantly, our fresh food provides your furry friend with the nutritional support they need without a bunch of additives, chemicals and pesticides. If you have a pet with allergies or dietary and health issues, fresh food can be transformative.

We highly recommend talking to your veterinarian before making a dietary change, and we also can suggest which of our fresh food varieties might be most beneficial for your dog. For instance, you might have a pooch with potato intolerance and want to try our potato-free options.

Pick-Up & Delivery Options

Give us a call at any time, and we can tell which varieties of our small-batch fresh dog food are available. You can order ahead and come into the store, or, if you live in Laguna Beach, we offer free dog food delivery. We are located at 424 Forest Avenue in downtown Laguna.

In addition to organic food for dogs, we also create gourmet, organic treats for your special furry friend. Our homemade treats are baked fresh right on the premises, and a delectable assortment is available each day. We also can create custom cakes for that special occasion in your dog’s life. And, of course, everything we create is organic and crafted from the finest natural (naked) ingredients.

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