Well, it’s that time of year again, and after an exhausting 2020, we at the Naked Dog Bistro would like to wish all of our furry friends and their human companions a very merry holiday season. We also want to say a sincere thank you to all of our loyal customers that kept our dog treat bakery going during these trying times. 

While this year has been tough, and we are still dealing with social distancing, that doesn’t mean the holiday season can’t provide us with a much-needed dose of cheer. Giving thoughtful gifts to others can boost our mood and make the holidays special even if we can’t get together. To that end, we’ve compiled a list of holiday gifts for the dogs and dog lovers in your life.

1. Pamper A Pooch With A Spa Treat

This is more for the pet parent than the dog, but why not purchase a gift certificate for your friend’s preferred pet salon or mobile pet groomer? Many groomers offer pet massage services and specialty bath treatments, so this could end up being a welcome gift for the dog, as well.

If your dog-loving friend prefers to handle their own grooming tasks, consider gifting them a basket filled with high-end grooming products. We have dog coat sprays in an assortment of pleasing scents, as well as shampoos and more. You can add a few other thoughtful items, such as some pet bows or bandanas, brushes, nail trimmers and other handy tools.

2. Create a Canine Calendar

If you have pictures of your friend’s furry companion (or companions), create a custom desk calendar filled with fun pictures of their dogs or even their cats. We may be a dog cake bakery, but we aren’t prejudiced against cats, birds or bunnies! To each his own companion, we say.

3. Design a Photo Gift

If you have a picture of your friend’s dog, you could have a custom reusable tote or perhaps a coffee mug or travel mug made that features their dog. We took a quick look on Shutterfly (there are many similar sites) and they can customize everything from wine tumblers to aprons to ornaments and much more. This can be a great way to upgrade a practical gift, such as a monthly planner or a phone case with a picture of your friend’s favorite pal.

4. Consider a Cozy Bed

If that old dog bed as seen better days, perhaps the holidays would be a perfect time for an upgrade. To entice your furry friend to try out their new bed, place a treat on it and cover the treat up with a stuffed toy or a small blanket. This will be fun to find and the treat scent will linger which will entice your dog to get cozy and enjoy the new bed.

We have an assortment of specialty beds at our dog cake bakery and boutique. You can come into the store and browse or shop online. Our selection includes cozy burrow beds that are ideal for dogs that love to be snug. We also have some posh car-themed beds for the stylish pet, such as our “Furrari” bed.

5. Give a Bit of Bling

The stylish dog always wants a matching collar and leash set, don’t they? A fancy collar or harness and matching leash can make those daily walks a bit more fashionable. You could opt for gemstones or a tasteful plaid or perhaps a theme that’s tailored to the interests of the dog lover. For instance, if you have a friend that loves sailing, get a collar with a ship’s anchor theme or with sailboats.

6. Upgrade Those Dog Dishes

Doesn’t every dog deserve a set of fine china dog dishes? Fancy matching food and water dishes combined with a special dog placemat can be an excellent gift for the dog lover in your life. Be sure to grab a couple of tasty items from our dog treat bakery to place in the bowls for an extra bit of fun.

7. Provide a Gift That Keeps Dogs Safe

While gifting a personalized dog collar or dog tags can be a great item, there are actually smart dog collars these days with Bluetooth and GPS. If your friend’s dog dashes out the door or sneaks out of the backyard, these smart collars can help ensure they are found safe and sound. There are also little trackers that can attach to a collar, so if you aren’t quite sure what size collar the dog wears, these can just be placed next to dog ID tags.

8. Dazzle Them With A Pet Portrait

Is there anything more precious than a framed portrait of a regal beagle or superb schnauzer? There are many local artists who can provide you with custom pet portraits as well as artists on sites such as Etsy. This could be a fine gift for a dog lover, and it can be a great gift to commemorate a furry friend that has crossed the rainbow bridge.

9. Make A Donation

If you have a friend who loves dogs and perhaps also donates time and energy at an animal shelter or perhaps with an animal rescue group, why not make a donation in their name?  This can be a great gift idea for that person in your life that “has everything,” but loves animals.

10. Stocking Stuffers For The Pickiest Pooch

While most of these gift ideas are more geared to pet parents, dogs of all shapes and sizes anxiously await the arrival of Santa Paws. At our dog bakery, we have many wonderful items that make great stocking stuffers. We have plush squeaky toys, balls, flying discs and even the amazing Flying Duck, a slingshot toy ideal for any dog that loves to run and play fetch. 

We also carry a selection of organic CBD dog treats that are tasty and medicinal. CBD has been shown to help relieve anxiety as well as helping soothe the joints of those older dogs with a bit of arthritis or mobility issues. CBD also can be a great option for a pet that suffers from seizures or dogs with allergies. In addition to our CBD dog treats, we also carry organic CBD oil for dogs, which we formulate in-house. These oils contain only trace amounts of THC, so they are non-psychoactive. If you don’t live nearby, we can ship CBD treats and oils, as well as toys, collars and other items in our online store.

Come Visit Our Dog Treat Bakery

Of course, we also have an assortment of freshly baked treats at our dog cake bakery and it is, after all, the cookie baking season! While you might be at home whipping up colorful cookies, don’t forget about Fido and Fifi. Our freshly baked organic dog treats are made using the best ingredients and contain no artificial colors or flavors, which means they are a safe treat option for your furry friends.

As a dog cake bakery, we can create custom cakes and cupcakes for that special dog occasion. Whether you are celebrating a dog birthday or adoption anniversary or just want your furry friend to enjoy the holidays festivities with their own custom treats, we can create just about anything your dog might crave. We are located on Forest Avenue in downtown Laguna Beach. So, stop by (with or without your canine companion) and take a look at our fresh baked goods, toys and other fun gift options.

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