The dog days of summer are on their way, and while the days at our Laguna Beach dog bakery have been pretty mild, temperature-wise, the summer heat is definitely on its way. To help your furry friends make the most of their summer, we’ve compiled some summertime tips to make the summer a huge success.

The Hot Car Issue

We hope that it goes without saying that dogs should never be left alone in a hot car, but even on mild days, such as a 70-degree day, the interior of your car quickly can reach temperatures of 115 degrees or higher, even with the windows cracked and when the car is parked in a shady spot.

At our dog bakery, your furry friend is always welcome inside so please don’t leave Fido or Fifi in the car. Let them come in and browse for a bit and choose a freshly baked treat rather than leaving them in the car. In addition to our dog bakery, many shops in Laguna are dog friendly and even some of the restaurants. As long as they are leashed, dogs are welcome in many spots in Laguna Beach and elsewhere throughout our beach cities.

Protect Those Paws

In our little village of Laguna Beach, summer temperatures tend to be pretty mild, but even when the temperature is only in the high 70s, the temperature of the pavement can be as hot as 125 degrees. This hot pavement can burn your dog’s paws can burn in less than a minute.

We recommend that you enjoy your daily dog exercise in a grassy area or stick with walks early in the morning or a bit later in the evening when the ground temperature is lower. A good rule of thumb is to place your hand on the pavement. If it’s too hot to hold your hand on the pavement comfortably, it’s too hot for your dog’s sensitive paws.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Dogs can dehydrate and overheat quite easily, so be sure that you bring some water and a dish for your furry friend everywhere you go. We have some lovely collapsible travel cups that you can just leave in the car for on-the-go water whenever your dog is thirsty. Even if you are hanging outside in the backyard at home, make sure there’s a dish of cool water where your dog can grab some refreshment whenever it is needed.

Beat The Summer Heat

Many dogs have a tough time in the heat, but there are some easy ways to help them regulate their body temperature. When they are outside, providing water is a must, but it’s also wise to provide access to shade. Plop a blanket down under a tree and invite your furry friend to relax in the shade where they can enjoy a cool breeze.

If you have a pool, many dogs love to swim with the family on a hot day, and this can be a great form of exercise.  If you don’t have a pool, invest in an inexpensive baby pool and allow your pooch to splash around on a hot summer day. You also can invest in an elevated dog bed, cooling bed or cooling mat if you have a dog particularly prone to overheating.

Create Some Cooling Treats

Dogs love treats, and while the organic homemade dog snacks at our local dog bakery are always a good idea, when the summer heat is bearing down, why not make some frozen treats for your furry guy or gal? Mix some plain, unsweetened organic yogurt with some fresh fruit and freeze it in ice trays to make some “pupsicles.” Strawberries, blueberries, cantaloupe, watermelon and bananas are some tasty fruit options to consider, and all of these are considered safe for dogs.

Plan Some Fun Trips

Certainly, a day trip to Laguna Beach and our dog bakery is always a good idea. Your dog can browse for homemade dog treats, a new collar, some fabulous toys and perhaps a new dog bed or even some CBD dog treats to help ease sore joints or calm an anxious pooch.

But that’s just one easy option for a day trip with your dog. Getting away for the weekend with your furry friend can be easier than you might think. For instance, here in SoCal, you can spend a few days on Catalina Island with your pooch, as there are several pet-friendly lodgings and campgrounds, and the ferries usually allow one pet per passenger.

The only tricks to planning a trip with your dog are to do some research and be prepared. Bring along their dog bed, food, treats and a favorite toy, as well as collapsible travel dishes and any medications they need. A dog crate also can be a great option in case you need to leave your pet for a short time at your hotel. 

Research dog-friendly lodgings and restaurants as well as where to find dog-friendly parks and beaches. If your trip includes some not-so-dog-friendly activities, consider booking your furry friend a day at a doggie daycare. They can mix and mingle with other dogs while you hit up an amusement park or a museum.

Plan A Dog Party

Now that we can finally plan some get-togethers, don’t forget about your furry friends. They’ve missed their fellow dogs, too, and would probably enjoy a little backyard party. Set up some water dishes and provide blankets for shady areas and grab that kiddie pool and let the dogs have their day!

When it comes to party cuisine, we can provide you with a custom dog cake, cupcakes, cookies and other delectable organic dog treats. We make fresh dog treats daily in the Naked Dog Bistro kitchen, but with 48 hours’ notice, we can create custom dog cakes and cupcakes in a variety of flavors. Our treats are grain-free and made with natural organic ingredients, and we never use artificial coloring or preservatives.

If you want to order a dog cake, cupcakes or other treats, give us a call at (949) 715-9900. You also are welcome to head into our dog bakery and check out our daily selection of organic dog treats. We are located at 424 Forest Avenue in downtown Laguna Beach. We hope to see you (and your furry companion) soon!

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