Small dog in sweater sits by person in front of Christmas tree.

Well, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas yet again, and that means it is time to think about dog Christmas gifts. If you are stumped about what to get that special furry friend, we have a few options here at Naked Dog Bistro that might be a perfect fit, as well as a few other fun suggestions.

Plush Toys For The Posh Pooch

At our pet store in Laguna Beach, we offer a myriad of soft plush toys for the special dog or dogs in your life, and you can stop by and grab one or we can ship a plush toy directly to you. Simply click on the pink Online Store tab and select the Designer Toys category from the dropdown menu and you will find everything from fancy “Chewy Vuitton” plush toys, plush “Barkin” handbag toys and a few other offerings that can be fun dog gifts.

Spice Up Your Dog’s Wardrobe

While not all dogs love a carefully curated wardrobe, many do, and if your dog enjoys wearing a bandana, sweater or perhaps even a cap to block the sun, we’ve got your covered, or, rather, we’ve got your dog covered. Head to our online store and select the Hats & Bandanas search or the Apparel search to find colorful kerchiefs, beach-inspired headwear, Hawaiian shirts, cozy sweaters and even a few fancy tutu dresses.

Cozy Beds & Blankets

A new dog bed or doggie blanket can be a great gift for just about any dog that loves a warm and cozy spot. We have some soft burrow beds as well as two car-themed dog beds for a pooch that likes a bit of adventure in their life.

Homemade Fresh Dog Food

It must be “ruff” for our dog companions this time of year, with the smells of turkey roasting and cookies baking, so why not provide your dog with a few special tasty morsels for their dog Christmas gifts. If you’ve been on the fence about trying fresh dog food, this could be a fun time to give it a try and treat your furry guy or gal to some special holiday cuisine.

Our Herby Turkey (pancreatitis-safe) and our Beef Pot Roast varieties are a perfect fit for the holidays. You can grab a pack of our fresh dog food and mix a small amount in with your dog’s regular kibble. Dogs love our homemade dog food, which is made fresh with organic ingredients here at the Naked Bistro kitchen and it’s also gluten and grain-free dog food.

We must warn you, though, once your dog gets a taste of our organic dog food, they might be hooked. We have many amazing varieties, and we even offer a free dog food delivery service for our customers that live in Laguna Beach.

Homemade Dog Treats

You can make your own dog treats and place them in your pup’s stocking, or you can head down to our dog bakery and choose from our daily selection of freshly baked organic dog treats. On any given day, you might find doggie French fries, dog sushi, doggie donuts and an assortment of biscuits and cupcakes and any of these items would make fantastic dog gifts.

With 72 hours’ notice, we can make custom dog cakes and dog cupcakes for your holiday party or a special occasion. If you are having a gathering that includes some furry guests, consider ordering a custom cake or perhaps a dozen cupcakes. Flavor options include peanut butter, bacon, carbo chip, carrot and pumpkin.

For dog gifts, we don’t recommend treats such as rawhide or imported treats from China or treats with a bunch of preservatives and artificial coloring. Unfortunately, all of these can be very dangerous for dogs and can include ingredients such as peroxide, bleach and even mercury or lead.

While we obviously hope you will choose Naked Dog Bistro treats, there are plenty of great dog treat options out there using organic, quality ingredients and we highly recommend that you opt for treats with wholesome ingredients. Our treats are preservative-free and free from artificial flavoring and colorings, but if you don’t live near our shop, there are plenty of good treat options available online and at other local pet stores.

CBD Dog Treats & Oils

While tasty dog Christmas gifts can be a good option, if you have a dog prone to joint pain, arthritis, anxiety or allergies, CBD dog treats might be an option to consider. We make our own CBD for dogs and infuse it in our selection of CBD oils and dog treats. Both of these items can be shipped, so if you aren’t conveniently close to our Laguna Beach dog bakery, we can still fulfill your Christmas CBD order.

Other Fun Options

Aside from our own offerings, a few other fun items that might make great dog Christmas gifts (or dog gifts for dog owners), might be a personalized cookie jar filled with dog treats or perhaps a dog stocking filled with a soft toy and some healthy dog biscuits or a bandana.

Some cool interactive dog puzzle toys can make great dog gifts. These can be a great way to provide a dog with a little brain stimulation as they work to open the puzzle and are rewarded with little treats placed inside. There are even some awesome (or maybe “pawsome”) agility kits on the market that any high-energy dog might love. They can crawl through a tunnel, leap over a jump or weave through some poles and get some great exercise.

If you have a good friend with a pet, you could provide them with a gift certificate to their favorite groomer or perhaps a photo of their dog in a canine-themed frame. You can even make dog-themed calendars and other dog gifts online. Just upload some photos of a favorite furry friend and check the offerings which might include custom coasters, blankets, pillows and much more.

Pet cameras can make great dog Christmas gifts, especially if you have a friend that tends to worry about their furry companion when they are away from home. Many pet cameras include two-way audio, so you can hear barking, or you can speak to your dog through the speaker and perhaps offer some soothing words of comfort.

If your friend’s dog tends to be a bit of an escape artist, a GPS collar or GPS device attached to the collar can be a great option and help to keep their dog as safe as possible. Of course, we also always recommend that every dog owner get a chip for their dog, but a good collar with a phone number on the tag and a GPS device can make it much easier to recover a lost pet.


While shopping for dog Christmas gifts can be fun and your dog is certain to appreciate any gift you can provide, we all know that what our furry friends want the most is some love and cuddles from their human companions. Still, if you need dog gifts, take a look at some of our offerings and, if you live in Laguna Beach or South Orange County, consider stopping in for a visit. Our leashed (or toted) furry friends are always welcome in the Naked Dog Bistro and after a browse through the store, you can enjoy a fun walk through our charming village by the sea.

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