Dog with ears celebrating Easter

Spring is just around the horizon and that means it’s time to start thinking about Easter and Easter baskets. At our dog bakery, we offer an assortment of treats and goodies that can please the pickiest pooch and help ensure that their Easter is just as exciting as that of their human companions.


Building The Perfect Basket

At Naked Dog Bistro, we whip up an assortment of tasty, all-natural dog treats every day at our local dog bakery. Any of these treats would be a great option for a doggie Easter basket. Some of the treats that consistently earn a “paw” of approval include our doggie donuts, doggie sushi, dog cookies and our popular doggie French fries.

All of these treats, as well as our custom dog cakes and cupcakes, are grain-free, gluten-free and contain no preservatives or artificial colorings. We also have homemade CBD dog treats, which can be a tasty basket option for dogs that suffer from anxiety, arthritis, allergies and other common dog issues. Additionally, we also formulate our own CBD for dogs in oil form, and we can ship the CBD oil and CBD dog treats anywhere in the United States if you don’t live near our Laguna Beach dog bakery.


Other Basket Treats

While some yummy items from our dog bakery are sure to please any pup, consider putting a few non-edible items in their basket. A new ball, a stylish bandana or perhaps a sweet new collar and leash set can be great options to consider, and we have all of these items available at our dog boutique.

Instead of buying a regular Easter basket, you could even purchase a cozy dog bed and use this as the “basket” and fill it with treats, toys and other fun items such as our plush squeaky toys or perhaps a nice new set of dog dishes. Your dog will have a blast sniffing around the bed and discovering all of the cute items placed inside.


Consider A Custom Dog Cake

If you don’t want to build an entire basket, you could just grab a couple of dog cupcakes or dog cookies or have us design a custom dog cake for your furry friend. A dog cake can be a great option if you have several dogs or if there will be some canine guests invited to your Easter celebration.

We can design a personalized dog cake and we offer an assortment of flavors, including peanut butter, bacon, carob chip, carrot, pumpkin and more. We need just 72 hours-notice to prepare a cake, so if you would like custom cupcakes or a custom dog cake, give us a call at (949) 715-9900 to place an order.


Dog Easter Egg Hunts

While we all know that children love an egg hunt, our furry companions also love hunting around for treats. In fact, there are even dog competitions where dogs hunt for specific scents, just as they might have done in the wild or as working dogs or rescue dogs.

For your doggie “egg” hunt, you just need a few plastic Easter eggs. Place a small treat or a bit of kibble in each egg and hide them around your yard. You can either lead your dog around the yard on a leash or just encourage them, off-leash, to find the treats. They might need some help finding the eggs, but once they discover their first egg and enjoy the treat inside (and all of the praise they get for finding their treat), they will have a fantastic time.


Keeping Dog Safe At Easter

Keeping our dogs safe can be tricky during the holidays, especially if you are planning a large egg hunt, party or dinner. We recommend that you ensure your pet has their collar (with tags) on at all times just in case they escape out an open gate or open door. If your dog doesn’t already have a chip in place, talk to your veterinarian about having the done. It just takes a few minutes, and it makes it so much easier to identify lost dogs and cats.

If there are baskets of human Easter goodies around, make sure these stay out of your dog’s reach, perhaps even keep them in a room with the door closed when you aren’t able to keep a close eye on your furry friend. If you have an egg hunt, keep a count of how many eggs are placed around the yard or your home to ensure that you know all eggs and candy are accounted for after the hunt. This can keep curious hounds from sniffing out treats that might make them sick.

There are very few typical dinner items that are good for dogs, so resist the urge to feed them bits of ham or lamb or whatever delectable items you are serving the humans at your Easter dinner. Foods such as onion and garlic can make dogs very ill, and most human foods contain spices, salt and sugars that can upset your dog’s sensitive tummy.

It’s often a good idea to take your dog out for a good, long walk prior to any big holiday gathering. This can tire them out and make them easier to handle when guests arrive. After a long walk, your dog might just be content to rest on a big cushion and nap during most of the festivities.


Visit Our Dog Bakery

In addition to all of our homemade dog bakery treats and CBD for dogs, we also feature small-batch, organic fresh dog food, which we make in the Naked Dog Bistro kitchen. Our fresh organic dog food is grain and gluten-free with no preservatives or fillers and we offer an assortment of flavors to please the pickiest palate.

Whether you need an organic custom dog cake, organic dog treats for your Easter basket, fresh dog food or just want to browse for that perfect dog gift, we welcome humans and their animal companions to our dog boutique. We are located in downtown Laguna Beach at 424 Forest Avenue, right next to Lumberyard.

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