Dog birthday cake baked at Naked Dog Bistro, the local dog bakery

Every dog is a good dog, and every good dog deserves a treat now and then.  At Naked Dog Bistro, we freshly bake a selection of amazing organic dog treats every day in our bistro kitchen and our dog treats are grain-free, gluten-free and free from artificial colors and preservatives, so they are gentle on our furry friends’ stomachs.

Why Organic?

When we first established the Naked Dog Bistro it was important for us to provide dog parents with dog treats and fresh dog food that contained only natural organic ingredients. Organic ingredients may or may not have better nutritional content, but we like the idea of creating treats that contain ingredients grown without pesticides and chemicals. We carefully source every ingredient that goes into our treats and dog food to ensure that we use only the finest ingredients.

Our Organic Dog Treats

As a bustling dog bakery, we offer a wide selection of tasty organic dog treats. The daily selection varies but will include different types of cookies and possibly items such as doggie sushi, doggie donuts and one of our most popular treats, doggie French fries.

Our treats are flavored with natural ingredients such as peanut butter, carrot, pumpkin, salmon, chicken, bacon, spinach, parmesan, cheddar and carob. Flavors are seasonal, but there is always something yummy and freshly baked at our dog bakery. Again, all of our homemade dog treats are grain-free and gluten-free. Not all dogs are sensitive to grains or gluten, but some are, including one or two of own dogs, which is why we opted to keep grain and gluten out of our recipes.

Of course, as a dog cake bakery, we also sell dog cakes and dog cupcakes for any special canine occasion. Our cakes, just like our organic dog treats, are baked using natural organic ingredients and contain no grains, gluten, artificial colors or preservatives. If you would like a custom dog cake or cupcakes, just contact us at (949) 715-9900 to place an order. We do need 72 hours’ notice for all custom cake and cupcake orders, although we sometimes can provide rush service for an extra fee.

CBD Dog Treats

At Naked Dog Bistro, we also craft homemade CBD dog treats. CBD is a cannabis compound derived from high-CBD, low-THC hemp. Because hemp contains only trace amounts of THS, our CBD for dogs is non-psychoactive. Not only are CBD dog treats tasty, but CBD has also been shown to alleviate several disorders in dogs, including separation anxiety, arthritis, allergies, joint paint, side effects of serious health treatments and more.

As with our regular organic dog treats, we use all-organic ingredients for the CBD dog treats, including 100% pure CBD isolate, oat flour, peanut butter, bacon, coconut oil and egg. We offer both small breed and large breed CBD biscuits and these can be shipped directly to your home if you don’t live near our pet store in Laguna Beach. We also formulate CBD oil for dogs, and this can be purchased in-store or shipped to your house.

How To Select The Best Organic Dog Treats

While we, of course, hope you will choose to treat your furry companions to our organic dog treats, we still want to offer a few tips to help you pick the best organic dog treats, no matter which brand you select.

Whether you are searching for the best dog treats, the best fresh dog food or the best grain-free dog food, you’ll want to follow the same general guidelines. Reading the label is crucial and you want to look for labels that contain whole ingredients and ingredients that you recognize.

When shopping for dog food or dog treats, avoid products that contain ingredients such as BHA and BHT, MSG, nitrites, nitrates, soy, sodium tripolyphosphate, sodium hexametaphosphate, corn syrup, corn, salt, cellulose and any type of artificial colors.

In general, when you see the word “meal” such as animal meal, chicken meal or meat meal, this indicates that the company is using leftover scraps often the least nutritious and least desirable parts of an animal as an ingredient. You might also see ingredients listed as “animal byproducts,” and this could be good or bad. Technically organ meats are byproducts, but these can be good sources of protein for dogs. Look for labels that explicitly state what type of meat – such as heart, kidney and liver.

If you aren’t sure if an ingredient is good for your dog, do a quick internet search and you can find research about each ingredient. For instance, let’s take a look at corn. Corn is not toxic to dogs, but it provides dogs with little nutritional value, but it’s cheap and adds sweetness, so it’s often used as an ingredient in dog treats and dog food. However, it’s better to stick with treats and dog food that contain less “filler” and more substantial, nutritional content.

Our Fresh Dog Food

If you live locally and are interested in switching your dog to a fresh dog food diet, we have created our own brand of fresh dog food here at Naked Dog Bistro. Our small-batch, organic dog food contains only the finest whole ingredients, and each variety is grain-free, gluten-free and free of preservatives and artificial colors. We developed our recipes to help our dog, Kona, who was found to be gluten intolerant. Once Kona started noshing our fresh dog food, his quality of life improved drastically.

We have seven different varieties of homemade dog food, including several that are pancreatitis-safe. We also offer a dog food delivery service throughout Laguna Beach. If you live nearby, but aren’t a local, just call ahead at (949) 715-9900 to order your dog food and we can have it ready to go as soon as you arrive. 

If you live out of our area, we still encourage you to talk to your vet about switching to fresh dog food. It can be a great option for dogs with allergies and digestive issues, and there are several good brands of fresh dog food on the market today.


Come & Visit Naked Dog Bistro

If you would like to try some of our organic dog treats, pop into our Laguna Beach dog bakery at any time. We are located at 424 Forest Avenue in downtown Laguna Beach. We are always happy to welcome humans and their canine companions at Naked Dog Bistro and you and your furry friend can shop for treats, toys, grooming supplies, canine couture and much more at our dog boutique and bakery.

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