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There are many dog food brands available but finding gluten-free dog food can be a smart option for many dogs, and there are several reasons why.


But First, What Is Gluten?

We hear so much about gluten and gluten-free diets, but many people don’t really know much about this substance. Gluten is a protein that is found in many different types of grain including wheat, rye and barley. Some people and some dogs have difficulty digesting this particular type of protein, which is why many gluten-free dog foods are popping up on the market.


1. Limiting Grain Can Lengthen Their Life Span

As a dog owner, you want your furry companion to live a long, healthy life. When it comes to your dog’s diet, carbohydrates from grains and gluten can do more harm than good for your pooch. An abundance of poor-quality carbohydrates in your best friend’s diet can adversely affect your dog’s health resulting in a shorter life span.

Our homemade gluten-free and grain-free dog food will fuel your furry friend with carefully-selected, organic ingredients. We also offer treats with no preservatives, artificial ingredients, grains or gluten. A diet from Naked Dog Bistro can keep your dog in good health and positively affect their lifespan.


2. Fresh Dog Food Can Reduce Allergies

Food allergies in dogs can be tricky to treat and identify but can cause your pooch a lot of discomfort. If your dog seems to have digestive issues or perhaps seems to be itchy or licking their paws or even has trouble going to the bathroom, a food allergy often is the culprit.

Fresh dog food is an excellent option for dogs with or without health issues. We offer a wide range of organic dog treats and meals made to provide your best friend with a balanced diet free of allergy-inducing ingredients. Making the switch to an organic, gluten-free diet could improve the quality of your dog’s life. Even if your dog does not have a gluten sensitivity, there may be other ingredients causing allergies and a limited-ingredient fresh dog food can be the best option to consider.


3. Gluten-Free Dog Food Provides Better Nutritional Support

Even if your best friend does not exhibit any symptoms of an allergy, it does not mean their diet is providing them with the nutrients they need. A gluten-free diet will prevent your pooch from experiencing the discomfort that comes with a food allergy while also providing necessary ingredients for better digestion.

Feeding your dog foods that are high in nutrition will give them the energy they need throughout the day. Our fresh dog food contains ingredients you recognize and may even eat yourself. Each ingredient in our fresh dog food was carefully chosen for its nutritional value, and we add no fillers – just wholesome, human-grade ingredients. Fueling your pup with these fresh ingredients will support good digestion and provide them with nutrients for a healthy coat and nails.

A diet that lacks nutrition will leave your furry friend in need of vitamins and minerals that support their gut health and immune system. Our meals and treats are always gluten-free, grain-free and filler-free so you can feel confident in what you’re feeding your best friend. Start healing your dog from the inside with a balanced, nutritious diet and you will see results on the outside.


4. Gluten-Free Dog Food Can Improve Digestion

Taking a look at history tells us that canines thrive on a protein-rich diet. Although our furry friends have never lived in the wild, their historically high protein diet is still essential today. Dogs do need a limited amount of carbohydrates, but many dog food brands contain a much higher percentage of carbs (and low-quality carbs), which can be difficult for pets to digest. Our dog food does include carbohydrates, but we opt for ingredients that are easier for dogs to digest and with a higher nutritional value.

While many dogs have no sensitivity either to gluten or grains, for some dogs, these ingredients can inflame their digestive tract causing nausea and excessive gas. Feeding your dog filler ingredients may even cause them to form an intolerance of grains. A gluten-free diet and grain-free diet can be a safe alternative that can improve your dog’s digestion and gut health. Your pooch will be looking and feeling their best when you fuel them with fresh dog food that is easy for them to digest.


5. Fewer Ingredients = A Better Formulation

Have you ever looked at the ingredients on the back of name-brand dog food? Could you understand any of them? Most well-known dog food brands include unnecessary ingredients that will hurt rather than help your pooch. Be wary of the words “meat meal,” “MSG” and “BHA.”

These fillers, chemicals and preservatives contain little to no nutritional value and are not necessary for your dog’s health. In some cases, as we stated above, these suspect ingredients can inflame your dog’s digestive tract. At the Naked Dog Bistro, we believe in fueling your pup with fresh, whole ingredients that you recognize. The formulation of our gluten-free dog food contains the highest quality ingredients your pooch will love.

We offer tasty, human-grade “naked” food options that exclude unnecessary ingredients that will harm your furry friend. If you have a picky eater, switching to fresh dog food can be the perfect option and you will be supporting their health at the same time.

If you’re looking to start a gluten-free diet for your best friend, you have come to the right place. Here at Naked Dog Bistro, we serve only the freshest ingredients that are always gluten-free, grain-free and filler-free. Our organic dog food comes in six small-batch varieties that contain no preservatives.

Our mission of providing gluten-free dog food is very important to us after we experienced first-hand how difficult a gluten intolerance can be on our furry friends. We developed our gluten-free, grain-free dog food in hopes to give our darling dog Kona a better life. His new diet completely changed his quality of life and led us to start an organic dog food line.

If you live in Laguna Beach, we offer a free dog food delivery service making your access to fresh dog food even easier. If you live outside of Laguna Beach, we will pack up your order and have it ready to go for you to pick up at our local bakery located at 424 Forest Avenue. Feel free to give us a call at 949-715-9900 to learn our current flavor availability and information about custom orders.

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