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Our furry companions provide us with a wealth of love and joy, and they also depend on us to provide them with the best possible nutritional support. Making the switch to fresh dog food can be a great option for many dogs, and there are several reasons to consider it.


1. Fresh Dog Food Contains No Preservatives

With canned dog food and kibble, preservatives are added to extend the shelf life of the food. While this is great from a convenience perspective, most of these preservatives are chemicals such as BHA or BHT. These chemicals are listed by the World Health Organization as well as the State of California as potential carcinogens, yet they are found in many dog foods.

With our fresh dog food, we don’t add any preservatives. Yes, this means that once thawed the food will last just a few days in your fridge. However, these chemicals may not be good for your dog, so it may be best to sacrifice a bit of convenience for a higher level of safety.


2. Organic Fresh Dog Food Limits Pesticides

Organic dog food is grown without the use of pesticides, and while you can never 100% guarantee that the food is pesticide-free (wind drift from nearby farms, etc.), you have the peace of mind that comes with knowing the ingredients in your organic dog food will have no pesticides or only trace amounts at most.

These days, dogs and humans are exposed to so many chemicals, from herbicides and pesticides to chemicals in our food. Limiting these chemicals is always a good idea, especially for our furry friends who are generally much smaller than we are and have more sensitive bodies in many ways.

Many of the chemicals, pesticides and herbicides we encounter in the United States aren’t even legal in many countries around the world as they have been found to potentially impact our health. Whenever possible, we recommend that you opt for organic food for your dog and yourself, and all of the ingredients we use in our fresh dog food are organic.


3. Fresh Dog Food = Better Ingredients

Not only does our fresh dog food contain organic ingredients and no preservatives, but we also select ingredients based solely on their nutritional value. Too often, canned dog food and kibble contain poor-quality scraps of meat. In some cases, the meat even comes from diseased animals.

At Naked Dog Bistro, we use quality organic premium meats, poultry and fish to create our small-batch fresh dog food. We also never use fillers such as corn, wheat and soy. While these ingredients may not be harmful to many dogs, these fillers have little nutritional value.

Instead, we add wholesome ingredients such as carrots, spinach, yellow squash, apples, green peas, blueberries, kale and other organic fruits and veggies to round out our delectable gourmet dog food recipes.


4. Our Food Is Gluten & Grain-Free

Not all dogs have a sensitivity to gluten or grain, but because some do and because so many grains in our country are overly processed, we chose to create gluten-free dog food and grain-free dog food.

We developed our high-quality brand of fresh food to serve the needs of our own sweet dog, Kona, who was, in fact, sensitive to grains and gluten. Once Kona was switched to a gluten-free diet, Kona began to thrive, and it greatly improved the quality of his life.

If you have a dog prone to allergies or gastrointestinal issues, the gluten and grains in traditional dog food might be the culprit and you may see improvement by switching to a “naked dog food” without gluten, grain, fillers, preservatives and chemicals.


5. Our Food Is Ideal For Picky Eaters

If you have a dog that just won’t eat their kibble or canned food, switching to fresh dog food might be a great option. Our fresh dog food is human-grade dog food, which means that all of the ingredients we use are the same ingredients humans use to make their food.

With canned food or kibble, no brands that currently qualify as “human-grade,” and not all fresh dog food brands would qualify as human-grade. No matter what brand of fresh dog food you decide to feed your dog, we highly recommend that you select only organic human-grade food.

But,  back to those picky eaters. We know that many dogs dislike the taste of their food and if you have a picky eater, we bet that your dog doesn’t turn their snout up when you feed them a morsel of human food. So, why not treat them to human food every day? Dogs love a fresh food diet, and Naked Dog Bistro’s flavor options are sure to enjoy four paws of approval.


6. We Have Pancreatitis-Safe Options

The pancreas is an organ that helps aid in the digestion process, and if this organ becomes inflamed, this is known as pancreatitis. In some cases, a dog might have pancreatitis just once and never again, but for dogs with chronic pancreatitis, dietary changes often help.

Typically, pancreatitis-safe food is lower in fat than regular dog food and contains easily digestible ingredients. At Naked Dog Bistro, we offer three pancreatitis-safe options, our Paw Lickin’ Chicken, Lean Lickin’ Pork and Herby Turkey varieties all include low-fat meats and easy-to-digest ingredients such as squash, carrots and apples.

Naturally, if your dog is prone to pancreatitis or needs a low-fat or special diet, please talk to your veterinarian before switching to any brand of fresh dog food. In some cases, your vet might recommend making homemade dog food or perhaps using a prescription dog food and it’s best to follow this professional advice.


Get Started With Fresh Dog Food

Whether you select our fresh dog food or another brand, choosing an organic, chemical-free, preservative-free diet can be the best option for your dog. Many of our customers tell us that switching to a fresh diet has greatly improved their dog’s quality of life.

After making the switch to fresh food, you might notice a reduction in allergies, fewer stomach issues and perhaps an improvement in your dog’s coat. Feeding fresh food also might increase your dog’s energy level.

At our pet store in Laguna Beach, we sell six varieties of our small-batch fresh dog food as well as organic homemade dog treats and organic dog cakes. We offer free dog food delivery service to customers throughout Laguna Beach. If you live outside of Laguna, you can swing by our dog bakery at 424 Forest Avenue and pick up your dog food. Be sure to call ahead at (949) 715-9900 to check on current flavor availability.

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