Fabulous Custom Cakes & Treats

Everyone deserves a birthday treat, and dogs are no exception. At Naked Dog Bistro, we can create a sensational custom dog cake for your special dog’s birthday. And, at our dog cake bakery, we even use wholesome organic ingredients that are good for your dog.


Grain-Free & Gluten-Free Dog Cakes

At Naked Dog Bistro, we make it easy for dog parents to provide their dogs with specialty birthday cakes, cupcakes and treats that won’t harm their health. Too often, dog treats contain fillers, preservatives, artificial colors and artificial flavors that aren’t good for our dogs.


Many dog treats contain grains and gluten. Some dogs are sensitive to these ingredients.  If you have a dog that seems to suffer from chronic stomach issues or allergies, gluten may be the culprit, and eliminating gluten from your dog’s diet may help improve their health.


Our dog cakes and homemade dog treats contain no grains or gluten, and we don’t add anything artificial. Additionally, there’s no additional sugar added to our grain-free cakes and grain-free dog treats. We use natural flavors that dogs love such as natural peanut butter, bacon, salmon, chicken, cheddar and parmesan. In lieu of chocolate, we use carob, which is safe for our furry friends.


While our dog cakes and treats are created using the best-quality organic ingredients with no sugar or artificial flavoring, we promise that they will pass the doggie taste test. Our treats typically earn four paws up and a waggy tail, and they are sure to make any dog’s birthday a moment to remember.


Dog cakes and cupcakes are a great option for anyone celebrating a special dog occasion, but we do have many other fun treat options. We bake a fresh selection of organic dog treats each day in the Naked Dog Bistro kitchen and this includes items such as dog sushi, doggie donuts, cookies and our popular doggie French fries. Any of these items could be a great treat for a birthday or perhaps as a special gift after a grooming appointment or a dreaded trip to the vet.


We also have lots of fun toys and other cool gift items at our pet store in Laguna Beach. In addition to custom dog cakes or cupcakes, you can browse for squeaky toys, designer doggie clothing, collars, harnesses, grooming supplies and much more. We have everything you need to make your dog’s birthday the best dog day ever!


Come In For Treats & Try Our Fresh Dog Food

While we are a dog bakery and boutique, we also have created our own line of fresh, organic dog food. This can be a great option to consider instead of traditional dry and wet dog foods.


Too often kibble and canned food are packed with poor-quality ingredients and cheap fillers, such as corn, wheat and soy. In some cases, the proteins used are the worst possible meat scraps. Occasionally these meat scraps come from diseased animals.


With our fresh dog food, your dog will enjoy full nutritional support without ingesting preservatives or artificial colors or flavors. We use all organic ingredients and quality cuts of meat, not scrap meats. Each organic fruit or veggie in our food was chosen carefully for its nutritional content and rich flavor.


All of our food, as well as our dog cakes and treats, is entirely “human-grade,” and this means we use the same ingredients in our dog food that humans would eat. However, we don’t add salt or any flavorings that might be dangerous for your dog to eat.


If you have a picky eater or a dog prone to stomach issues, including pancreatitis, switching to a limited-ingredient fresh food diet can be a game changer. We created our fresh dog food for our own sweet pooch, Kona, who suffered from severe gluten intolerance. Once we switched Kona to gluten-free dog food, his health quickly improved and that encouraged us to create a line of gourmet, grain & gluten-free dog food with the highest quality ingredients.


Our fresh, small-batch homemade dog food is available in six amazing flavors – Bark-B-Que Beef, Paw Lickin’ Chicken, Lean Lickin’ Pork, Beef Pot Roast, Wild Salmon and Herby Turkey. The chicken, pork and turkey options are pancreatitis-safe and all of the varieties are gluten-free.


We also offer a free dog food delivery service for our customers that live in Laguna Beach. If you live outside of Laguna, simply call ahead to place your order and then come down to our dog bakery to pick up your food.


Order Your Dog Cake Today!

If you need a custom cake, give us a call at (949) 715-9900 to place an order. We do need 72 hours’ notice for all custom cakes and custom cupcakes, although rush orders may be available for an additional charge. If you need something faster, feel free to come into our dog cake bakery and select a delectable treat from our selection of fresh-baked dog treats. We are located in downtown Laguna Beach at 424 Forest Avenue.

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