It’s the time of year when once again we must try to answer the age-old question – what do dogs want for Christmas? At Naked Dog Bistro, we offer an assortment of fun, unique dog gifts that will please just about any pooch.


Toys, Toys & More Toys

Dog Christmas gifts should be fun, and we offer a myriad of specialty plush dog toys that will be sure to amuse both canines and humans alike. For instance, our Grrrona Cooler set is inspired by lazy days on the beach with a cold bottle of Corona beer. The plush cooler serves as a burrow toy and you can place the plush beer can, plush beach ball and plush lime wedge inside the cooler and challenge your dog to find and remove these objects.


Among our most popular offerings, we have several Chewy Vuitton dog toys that are always a hit with dogs and dog owners. You can select a Chewy Vuitton checkered plush bone or perhaps a plush handbag or, if you have a dog that loves to nibble on shoes, why not offer them a plush Chewy Vuitton shoe instead?


Of course, a plush might not be the perfect match for every dog, and we have many other options. For instance, we carry many Chuckit! toys, which can be a great option for an energetic pup. These are balls about the size of tennis balls that are tossed using a special launcher. If you have a dog that loves to fetch and run, this can be a perfect match, but we also have a variety of fun flying slingshot toys, including a flying duck and flying fish slingshot.


Stylish Couture

While toys and treats are always welcome dog gifts, many dogs are proud to prance about in a stylish sweater or colorful bandana. We carry sweaters, Hawaiian-style shirts, doggie tank tops and even the Thundershirt, which is a weighted vest ideal for dogs that suffer from anxiety.


A stylish collar and leash set can make a great dog Christmas gift, and while most big box pet stores offer a rather tepid selection of collars, leashes and harnesses, our selection of designer accouterments includes everything from patriotic-themed gear to beach-themed as well as plaid, floral, leopard-print and much more. We also carry Easy Walk, no-pull harnesses, which can be a good, safe option for dogs that tend to pull or tug their parent whilst walking on a leash.


Doggie CBD

If you have a doggie that might benefit from some CBD oil or CBD treats, we have freeze-dried CBD treats, as well as our own line of homemade CBD biscuits and CBD oil. The oils are human-grade, so both dogs, dog parents (and even cats) can use our oils. We create our CBD products using high-CBD, low-THC hemp, which means that they are not psychoactive. These treats can make great stocking stuffers, and dogs love our peanut butter and bacon-flavored CBD treats.


Other Dog Gift Ideas

While we have plenty of great items in stock at our pet bistro and boutique, we do have a few other fun dog gift suggestions. For instance, you could commission a pet portrait of a person’s furry friend. This can be a great gift idea for a dog lover as well as any dog that has everything their heart desires.


Many photo websites, such as Shutterfly, offer an assortment of cool photo gifts that can be great options for the pet owner in your life. A doggie calendar, doggie mouse pad or doggie photo coasters can be a fun gift and even a great commemorative gift for pet parents whose beloved dog has crossed the rainbow bridge.


Find “Paw-Fect” Corporate Gifts

Believe it or not, dog gifts can make excellent corporate gifts. For instance, if you are a realtor that just closed a sale and your clients’ have a beloved furry companion, why not show your thanks with a goodie bag filled with a new dog sweater, a stuffed toy and a few of our homemade dog treats?


If you have a dog-friendly office, our designer toys can be great dog Christmas gifts to pass out at the end of the year. We’ve even catered dog-friendly corporate events, bringing an assortment of custom dog cupcakes, a dog cake and cookies as well as goodie bags for the dog owners to enjoy.


Visit Our Pet Store In Laguna Beach!

If you live in the area, we always encourage you (and your furry friend) to come down to our local dog bakery and pet boutique and browse. We offer a completely personalized shopping experience for you and your dog.


For instance, if you are in the market for a new dog collar or harness or even a cozy sweater, a member of our experienced sales team can ensure that you purchase items that fit perfectly. We have designer items to suit just about any dog’s taste, as well as a huge selection of organic dog treats, freshly made in the Naked Dog Bistro kitchen.


Laguna Beach is the perfect spot for a doggie day out, and many of the shops and restaurants are dog-friendly, including our next-door neighbor, the Lumberyard. We have dog-friendly beaches and parks, as well.


If you can’t make it into the store, Naked Dog Bistro ships to locations throughout the United States. If you have any questions about our dog gifts, we are always happy to provide you with answers or take your dog’s measurements and help you select a sweater, harness or collar that’s a perfect fit.

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