Dog collars are an essential component of every dog’s wardrobe, and while a sweater or kerchief adds some flair, cool dog collars are more than just an adornment. Collars can ensure your dog’s safety, but which dog collar is the best option for your dog? Let’s take a quick look at collars, harnesses and leashes.


Types Of Dog Collars

There are several common types of dog collars, including flat collars, harnesses, pinch collars, choker chains, Martingale, slip collars and head collars. Flat collars are the most common type and typically either buckle or snap on, and the size can be adjusted fairly easily.


Flat collars are good options for dogs that excel at loose-leash walking. If your dog tends to tug at the leash, this isn’t the best option for walking as it can hurt their necks. For dogs that tug or pull their parents along, it’s best to opt for a harness.


However, some dogs will wear a flat collar all of the time and simply use a harness for walking. Flat collars are perfect for identification, as dog ID tags and even locator tags can be added on easily and most dogs are comfortable wearing flat collars all of the time.


Pinch collars and chokers are often used for training purposes, but we don’t really recommend these types of collars. Both can choke your dog and damage their neck, and typically only should be used during training sessions with a professional trainer.


A Martingale collar is a much better option than chokers or pinch collars. These are used for training but are less dangerous and more comfortable than chokers and pinchers. These collars will tighten when your dog tugs at the leash, then loosen when they walk correctly.


Slip collars, as the name suggests, just slip over your dog’s head and tighten. These are typically used at the vet’s office and aren’t really suitable for other uses, such as going on walks or runs. Head collars or head halters fit over your dog’s muzzle and the leash attaches to the strap below your dog’s lower jaw. These collars also are used mainly used as training collars and can be a good option if you have a dog that pulls too much on a collar leash or harness.


Which Dog Collars & Leashes Are Best?

In general, dog parents opt to use flat collars or harnesses most of the time because these are the safest options for everyday use. Flat collars might not be the best option for dogs prone to breathing problems or neck issues, and for those dogs, a harness is the better option. In terms of materials, nylon and polyester can be good options because these materials are durable and easy to clean, although nylon can stretch out a bit over time.


When it comes to leashes, you need to consider factors such as your dog’s size, age and breed and also the typical conditions you encounter during your daily walks. For instance, large dogs will need a thicker leash than a leash needed for a smaller breed as they are simply more powerful, and a thicker leash provides you with more control.


In general, it is recommended that you opt for a leash at least six feet long as this provides them with a comfortable amount of distance. Puppies, however, can benefit from shorter leashes until they learn how to walk loosely on their leash.


Retractable leashes can be a great option if you tend to have access to open spaces, as these can provide your dog with a bit more flexibility in terms of distance. However, retractable leashes tend to have thin cords, which makes them less ideal for large, strong dogs. If you tend to head out for late-night or pre-sunrise walks or hikes, we recommend opting for a reflective dog collar and reflective leash for safety.


Measuring Your Dog

If you already have a good-fitting flat collar, measuring that from end to end is your best bet. If not, place a soft measuring tape around your dog’s neck to determine the neck circumference.


You will need to loosen the tape up by placing two fingers under the tape. This is because you don’t want a collar that is too snug, and two fingers should fit between the collar and your dog’s neck to ensure easy breathing.


Keep in mind, you will want a collar that adjusts to be slightly bigger than this measurement. So, if your dog’s neck measures 8 inches, you will want a collar that ranges from about six to 10 inches.


With a harness, you will need to measure their upper neck as you would with a flat collar, but you also need to measure the lower neck and your dog’s chest circumference. Again, you will want to apply the two-finger rule for all of these measurements. Harness measurements also can be used to fit life jackets, if you have a sweet dog that often accompanies you aboard a boat, kayak or paddleboard.


At our dog boutique, we always encourage dog and puppy parents to bring their furry friends into the store for fittings. A member of our team can ensure that collars and harnesses are a perfect fit, which can be a much easier option. If you live outside the area, feel free to call us or email us before ordering a collar or harness and we can help determine the best sizing for your dog.


Our Cool Dog Collars

At Naked Dog Bistro, we pride ourselves on offering a large selection of high-quality dog collars, leashes and harnesses. Our stylish, cool dog collars will give your dog some extra pizazz, and we highly recommend purchasing a matching leash and collar set for the ultimate level of style.


No matter what color combinations you love, we have a style to suit your furry companion. We offer top brands such as Wolfgang Man/Beast collars and Mimi Green. You can find matching beach-themed collars and leashes, leopard print, floral-themed collars, patriotic-themed collars and more. We also sell an array of high-quality, stylish harnesses. All items can be purchased in-store or ordered online and shipped anywhere in the United States.


Visit Our Dog & Puppy Boutique

If you are a local or perhaps visiting our lovely village by the sea, we encourage you and your furry companion to stop by for a visit. You can browse for cool dog collars, leashes, sweaters, toys and much more. And, of course, Naked Dog Bistro, is also a dog bakery and we create a tantalizing mix of all-natural dog treats in our bistro kitchen every day and your dog is sure to enjoy a cookie, doggie donut or perhaps some freshly made doggie French fries.

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