Does your dog turn up their snout at their daily meals? Can you lead your dog to the water dish, but just can’t make him drink? You aren’t alone. Just like humans, dogs also can be picky eaters. At our dog bakery, the Naked Dog Bistro, we have many treats that will tame even the most savage beast’s palate, but we also have some tips to help you get them to eat and drink a bit more.


  1. Add Some Broth

Adding some tasty broth (perhaps bone broth) to your dog’s kibble or wet food not only might entice your dog to eat, but it also can be a source of hydration. There are several brands of dog-safe broth on the market, and you can find these at many pet stores. It’s always best to opt for low-sodium broth with no added ingredients, such as onions or garlic or spices as these are not good for dogs.


  1. Add A Bit Of Meat

Dogs tend to love meat and if you sprinkle just a bit of chicken breast or ground beef into their food, this extra hit of flavor might be enough to get them to chow down. Stick with plain boiled or steamed chicken and ground beef that has no added spices or other ingredients. Keep in mind, while these are safe for most dogs, it can be wise to talk with your veterinarian before making any changes to your dog’s diet.


  1. Make It Easy To Hydrate

When it comes to hydration, be sure to make it as easy as possible for your dog to grab a drink or two. While you probably have a water dish next to their food dish, add one to the master bedroom or bathroom or in any other room they frequent, such as your home office, etc. If you head outside for a walk, bring along a water bottle and a collapsible dog dish to make it easy to provide water while you exercise.


  1. Reduce The Treats

If your dog loves their treats but balks at mealtimes, it might be time to ditch the treats. This will keep their appetite reserved for the food that provides them with the highest level of nutrition.


We know it can be hard for doggie parents to stop giving treats, so if you feel you can’t get away without giving your furry companion a treat or two, opt for the healthiest possible treats. For instance, a blueberry or a tiny piece of carrot or even a smidge of watermelon can be a great low-cal treat that will provide your dog with some good nutrition.


Watermelon and other melon options also can be a great way to help hydrate your dog. These fruits are safe for dogs, and they have a high water content. You can also blend them with a little water and make little pupscicles, which are a wonderful treat for a hot day when your dog really needs that extra hydration.


We have an assortment of healthy gluten-free treats available at our dog bakery – the Naked Dog Bistro. If you live near our local dog bakery, you can pop in and choose from a selection of freshly baked organic treats. Visiting our Laguna Beach pet store can be easy for locals, but if you live out of the area, we do have some amazing CBD dog treats that we can ship throughout the United States.


  1. Use A Food Puzzle

Sometimes you can sneak in some nutrition by cleverly placing your dog’s food in a treat puzzle. These are puzzles designed especially for dogs and they have to nose around or use their paws to open up little doors or move the puzzle around to reach a morsel of food. Instead of using treats, however, you could substitute a bit of kibble to ensure that they are receiving some good nutrition.


This also can be a great way to provide your dog with a bit of mental stimulation. While a daily walk and a game of tug can help release excess energy, some mental play such as using a puzzle toy or playing find the toy can help keep your pooch mentally sharp and reduce boredom.


  1. Stop Feeding Table Scraps

Dogs love our food, but if they have too many table scraps from their human parents, this could reduce their appetite. With less appetite and an abundance of tasty human morsels, it’s easier to turn your snout up at your dog food. Table scraps are enticing, though, and if your dog has always preferred human food, our next tip might be a perfect (and healthy) option to consider.


  1. Try Fresh Dog Food

While we bake an assortment of fresh homemade dog treats every day at our local dog bakery, we also have created our own line of fresh dog food. Fresh dog food, especially if it is human-grade, can be an excellent option for picky eaters.


Our food is human-grade, which means we use the same ingredients and cuts of meats that would be served to humans. However, regular human food often has too much salt as well as seasonings and ingredients that can be dangerous or unhealthy for dogs. For instance, onions and garlic can be highly toxic to dogs. Pepper, bay leaves, allspice and a few other spices also can be toxic to dogs.


With fresh dog food, they get to enjoy yummy cuts of human-grade meats as well as delectable fruits and veggies just like their humans, but without any salt or dangerous ingredients.


Our fresh dog food also is gluten-free and grain free. It can be used as a complete diet or as a topper for their current dog food, which might entice them to eat. You also can add some water to make a little gravy and this can be a great option if your dog needs to hydrate. If you don’t live near our dog bakery, you could make your own fresh dog food or look into a brand of small-batch fresh dog food that meets your dog’s unique nutritional needs.


We named ourselves the Naked Dog Bistro because we add nothing artificial to our fresh food or organic dog treats. Everything is “naked” and free of preservatives and chemicals. It’s just wholesome, delicious “naked dog food” and treats (and custom dog cakes) for your sweet pooch.


Come Visit Our Dog Bakery!

If you live near our Laguna Beach dog bakery and puppy boutique, we encourage you to come in for a visit at any time and be sure to bring your sweet canine companion. You can shop for freshly baked homemade dog treats, cool dog collars, leashes, unique toys and other dog gifts. We are located at 424 Forest Avenue next to the Lumberyard restaurant.

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