At Naked Dog Bistro, we provide stunning dog cakes and treats for canine events throughout the year. Through the years at our dog bakery, we’ve also attended our fair share of dog events and have some helpful tips for anyone planning a dog party.


  1. Consider Your Guest List

While we firmly believe that there are no bad dogs, not all dogs get along with each other, so make sure that you invite dogs with whom your furry companion already is familiar. It’s also wise to choose dogs that have been introduced successfully to each other previously and keep the guest list relatively small. After all, an exclusive party is so much more the thing.


  1. Select The Best Location

An outdoor, fenced area is ideal for a dog party, especially if that area has a few shade trees. This provides plenty of room to run and play as well as areas where your human guests can mix and mingle. If you do need to host the event indoors, perhaps move a few pieces of furniture out of your largest rooms and tuck away any breakables just in case.


  1. Plan Some Dog-Friendly Fun

While dogs are often content to just run around or longue on a comfortable cushion, it can be fun to set out some toys or even create a mini dog obstacle course. This might include an agility jump or two and perhaps a tunnel or another fun obstacle.


If it’s a hot day and no one minds a little mess, you could fill up a kiddie pool with a bit of water so that dogs can splash and play or purchase a cute dog sprinkler pad for your dog guests to enjoy.

At Naked Dog Bistro, we have a few other fun options to consider for your dog party. Our Chuckit! Flying Squirrel toy and Chuckit! Zip Flight flying discs can be great options if you have a large space and dogs with plenty of energy. Our Fly & Fetch slingshot toys, available in duck, eagle and fish, are other fun options that dogs adore chasing and retrieving.


  1. Provide Plenty of Water and Shade

Set out plenty of fresh water throughout your yard so that all of the dogs have easy access to water. Dogs can dehydrate quickly, so water is an essential component of any dog party. Place some towels or soft mats under trees to provide a cozy place too cool off. If you don’t have shade trees, you also might consider adding some shade to the yard, such as popping up an outdoor tent or investing in a few pet sun canopies.


  1. Celebrate With Dog-Friendly Treats

As our name, Naked Dog Bistro, may suggest, we can provide you with some truly exceptional dog treats for your canine celebration. This includes amazing custom dog cakes, cupcakes and cookies. A custom dog cake or cupcakes can be perfect for any occasion, and we use only the finest organic ingredients for all of our fresh baked goods.


In addition to custom dog cakes, we also offer many other enticing organic dog treats at our dog cake bakery that you might want to consider. This includes doggie donuts, dog cookies, doggie French fries and even doggie sushi. All our cakes and homemade dog treats are grain-free and gluten-free and contain no artificial colors or preservatives.


What About Dog Gifts?

If you are the attendee at a dog party, it’s always a good idea to bring along a little something special for your furry host (although your human host also might appreciate a bottle of wine or some flowers).


We have plenty of unique items at our online dog boutique to suit just about any type of dog. For a posh pooch, our Chewy Vuitton plush toys, Chewnel plush toys and Furscace plush toys are sure to please. A Sniffany & Co. plush toy also would be much appreciated by any discerning dog.


Everyone loves updating their look, and new leashes or dog collars can make a great gift. We have a huge assortment of cool dog collars, leashes and harnesses. Whether you are purchasing a flag-themed collar for a patriotic pup or perhaps a wave-themed collar for a dog that loves the ocean, we have a style to please anyone. We also sell doggie apparel including sweaters, Hawaiian shirts, tanks and cooling bandanas.


If you’d prefer to present your furry host with a treat, we have a selection of fun treats and chews. This includes jerky treats, Bark Brittle treats, all-natural chews and even CBD dog treats. We make our own CBD for dogs, and this can be a good option if your doggie host suffers from arthritis, anxiety and other ailments.


You can pop into our Laguna Beach pet store for any of these items or purchase them via our online store. We are located at 424 Forest Avenue in downtown Laguna Beach. If you wish to order custom dog cakes (or cupcakes) for your dog party, please give us 72 hours notice for these custom orders. We also can provide you with cakes and treats for dog-related fundraisers and corporate events.

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