In today’s digital age, shopping for our furry friends has never been easier or more luxurious. If you’re seeking the epitome of canine chic for your beloved pup, such as posh “Chewy Vuitton” toys look no further than the offerings at Naked Dog Bistro – all of which can be delivered straight to your front door.


While the Naked Dog Bistro is known for its tasty, homemade dog cakes and homemade dog treats, we have a huge online dog boutique with everything you need to make your dog happy, fashionable and safe.


Best of all, you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home to shop for amazing items for your furry friend. No matter your schedule, our online shop caters to you 24/7. Late-night shopping session? Early morning toy shopping spree? We’ve got you covered.


Spotlight On Chewy Vuitton

One of our favorite and most sought-after items is the “Chewy Vuitton” collection. Here’s why it’s causing such a buzz in the dog designer toy world:

  1. High Fashion Inspired: Drawing inspirat
  2. ion from the iconic luxury brand, ‘Chewy Vuitton’ toys exude sophistication, ensuring your pup is always on-trend.
  3. Quality Construction: Beyond the stylish exterior, each Chewy Vuitton dog toy is made to last, ensuring hours of fun for your furry friend.
  4. Variety: From plush handbags to chic shoe toys, the “Chewy Vuitton” range has it all. Your pup can have a full matching set! We haveChewy Vuitton bones, balls, handbags and shoes in several classic styles. We also have Chewy Vuitton dog bowls and placemats.


In addition to our selection of Chewy Vuitton toys, we have many other whimsical squeaky toys including posh Alexander Muttqueen and Americanine Express plush toys. For the more casual pooch, a Barkardi rum squeak toy or perhaps our popular Grrrona Cooler set would be a fun addition to your dog’s toybox.


But, Wait, There’s So Much More . . .

If you’ve been searching for unique dog gifts, we have tons of great options at Naked Dog Bistro. We have a huge selection of dog collars, leashes and harnesses, which are both stylish and sturdy to ensure your pet is safe. Whether you prefer a sleek leopard print harness or cool dog collars with a floral or beach theme, we have an abundance of options.


Our selection of apparel includes handsome sweaters, beachy tanks and whimsical Hawaiian shirts, as well as a wide selection of doggie cowboy hats. We also offer a cool rainbow cooling bandana ideal for the dog days of summer. If you have an anxious pooch, a Thundershirt anti-anxiety wrap might be the perfect purchase.


We also carry a huge selection of high-end grooming products. This includes different types of shampoo, conditioners, tear stain remover, curry combs, brushes, nail clippers and even oral care products including water additives that help improve your dog’s breath and dental health.


If you have a dog with dry paws or a dry noise, we formulate our own brand of Paw Wax. Our limited-ingredient Paw Wax includes only beeswax, coconut oil, calendula oil, avocado oil and almond extract. All of these ingredients are safe if licked, and can help heal cracked or sore paws and noses. We recommend rubbing the salve on to your dog’s paws prior to your daily walks to protect their sweet sensitive pads.


CBD For Dogs

As our name suggests, Naked Dog Bistro is not just a puppy boutique, we also serve up an amazing assortment of all-natural dog treats. This includes CBD dog treats made with our own in-house CBD oil for dogs. You can purchase dog treats for small dogs or large dogs, and we also sell our CBD oil online.


We chose to create our own line of CBD oil and treats because we wanted complete control over each ingredient to ensure quality and safety. Many dog parents love giving their dogs CBD for a variety of issues, from arthritis to anxiety, and we have given it to our dogs, as well, with great results.


CBD oil is human-grade, so even dog parents can use this product. But, we do offer some CBD products specifically formulated for humans on our website, including a tincture, a CBD-eucalyptus balm, gummies and more.


Order Online or Plan A Visit!

The team at Naked Dog Bistro can ship items anywhere in the United States, but we also encourage guests (both canine and human) to visit our Laguna Beach pet store and dog boutique. Laguna Beach is a dog-friendly haven with many restaurants, shops, beaches and parks allowing the four-legged set.


While there are many reasons to visit our charming village by the sea, a trip to our dog bakery can be a delightful excursion for you and your furry friend. In addition to our designer dog toys, dog gear and apparel, we bake a huge assortment of fresh homemade dog treats each day in the Naked Dog Bistro kitchen. You can shop for a cool Chewy Vuitton dog toy while your best friend noshes on a doggie donut, a paw-shaped cookie or perhaps some doggie French fries.

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